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»ايقيرفأ� بونجب ةيلالم� ةءافكل� ىلع ةماعل� ةنز�ولم� ةيفافش� رثأ� «
                                           عجارملا ةمئاق

                                                                ةيبرعلا ةغللاب عجارملا :ًلاوأ
                                                                     :ريراقتلا :ًلاوأ

                    :يلاتلا طبارلا ىلع ،2018 ،ايقيرفأ بونج ةلودل يلودلا كنبلا تانايب ةدعاق ،يلودلا كنبلا    1 .

              ,ةفلتخم دادعأ ,)The International Budget Project - IBP( ةنزاوملل ةيلودلا ةكارشلا    2 .
                                                     .)ةنزاوملل ةيلودلا ةكارشلا :نطنشاو(

                                                        ةيزيلجنلإا ةغللاب عجارملا :اًيناث
              A( Articles:
              1.  Lucie Sedmihradská, Jakub Haas: ”Budget Transparency and Fiscal Perfor-
                 mance: Do Open Budgets Matter?”, Economic Studies & Analyses, Vol. 7, Issue
                 2, 2013.
              B( Working Papers:
              1.  E. Alt  James  and  Lassen  David  Dreyer,  ”Fiscal  Transparency  and  Fiscal
                 Policy Outcomes in OECD Countries”, Working Paper No. 03-02 )Denmark:
                 Economic Policy Research Unit, Institute of Economics University of Copen-
                 hagen, 2003(,
              2.  Hameed, F.: ”Fiscal transparency and economic outcomes“, Working paper No.
                 5, )Washington, D.C.: International Monetary Fund, 2005(.
              C( Reports:
              1.  Bernardino Beni and Francisco Bastida, ”Budget Transparency, Fiscal Perfor-
                 mance, and Political Turnout: An International Approach”, )Spain: University of Mur-
                 cia, Public Administration Review, 2003(,
              2.  Mariusz Jarmuzek, ”Does Fiscal Transparency Matter? The Evidence from Transition
                 Economies”, 2006.

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